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Reporter from Sweden who moved to NYC in 2011, Sydney in 2017. With love for local news stories, hip hop, Latin America, and more. Early riser. Twitter: antonknilsson

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Dagens Nyheter

”2013 var enda året någonsin då någon som gör så konstig musik som jag skulle kunna bli känd” - DN.SE

New York. Hans långsamma, bastunga beats skulle ha kunnat komma från amerikanska ­Södern, men Yung Lean är från Söder i Stockholm. Just nu upptäcker USA och Yung Lean ­varandra och Sverige får vänta. DN har träffat den hyllade artisten.

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Hårdare klimat för migranterna: "Sverige är ändå ett välsignat land"

Under sina knappt två år på Södertäljes gator har Vasilica Scorcea, 56, märkt att stämingen förändrats.
Ryktet om eventuellt tiggeriförbud går bland Vasilica och hennes rumänska vänner. Människors gåvor har minskat något. Men Sverige är fortfarande ett välsignat land, säger Vasilica till LT.
– Jag ber varje kväll för hela Sverige. Svenskarna är ett jättebra folk, och Södertäljeborna har alltid varit vänliga mot mig, säger Vasilica på rumänska, via tolk.

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As campaign funds run low, Trump requests meeting with billionaire Koch Brothers - only a year after he mocked his Republican rivals as 'puppets' for doing the same

Koch Industry officials have agreed to meet with Donald Trump after a request from the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, as GOP insiders say a diminishing campaign chest may force Trump to ramp up his fundraising efforts.

Charles Koch revealed the planned meeting on Wednesday.

But Koch, a powerful political force who famously uses his deep pockets to fund libertarian and free-market projects, has not entirely warmed to Trump.

In an interview with USA Today, the industrialist said he doesn't 'know the answer' as to whether Trump is fit to be president.

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'I just feel free:' Teenager, 17, confined to a wheelchair as a child captures breathtaking photographs of the ocean

A teenage photographer whose medical condition confined her to a wheelchair as a child says she loves the ocean because it makes her feel completely free.

Shannon Glasson learned to swim before she could walk, and spends as much time as she possibly can in water.

'There's nothing to worry about in the water,' Ms Glasson, 17, told Daily Mail Australia. 'I just feel free.'
Shannon Glasson, 17, is a photographer from the NSW south coast whose favourite subject is ocean waves

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'What are cops going to do, arrest us for standing in the street?': Rogue anti-lockout law protests planned in Kings Cross after Supreme Court shuts down demonstration with 4,500 attendees

Police have shut down a planned protest Saturday night in Sydney's Kings Cross but rogue demonstrators opposed to NSW's lockout laws still vowed to turn up.

The state's Supreme Court sided with police in a decision Friday to curb a public assembly organised by the advocacy group Keep Sydney Open.

'Obviously both Keep Sydney Open and our followers were bitterly disappointed. We felt the judgement was unfair,' the group's campaign director Tyson Koh told Daily Mail Australia.

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NY Daily News

Victim of fatal Thanksgiving hit and run was retired NYPD officer, breast cancer survivor

Yvette Molina was a cop, a cat lover, a cancer survivor — and the lone fatality in an unhinged hit-and-run driver’s crazed ride through Brooklyn Thursday night.

The 56-year-old Brooklynite, for the first time in years, spent Thanksgiving at home instead of joining her relatives for dinner. Her stunning death left the survivors to wonder “What if?”

“She just wanted to stay home,” said Janna Bolt, 28, as tears streamed down her cheeks at her aunt’s apartment “Why did she stay home? She was so loving. She was so caring. I just can’t believe it.”

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Sydney's housing market second most expensive in the world

Incoming NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has made it one of her top priorities to address the state's housing affordability crisis.

That issue is more pressing than ever, as it was revealed on Tuesday that Sydney homes are the second most expensive in the world - topped only by Hong Kong.

'I want to make sure that every average, hard-working person in this state can aspire to own their own home,' Ms Berejiklian told reporters at a press conference before being sworn into the state's top political job on Monday.

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Could Airbnb landlords be hit with a huge tax bill? Homeowner slugged $7,000 for renting out his home - by controversial robot controlled system

ax experts warn the government is using computer-generated debt collection systems to collect money from Airbnb landlords.

Jeff Thompson is one of the many Australians who have been shocked to receive auto-generated debt notices from tax authorities - caught in a data-crunching government crackdown that tax experts say is marred by the same problems as the recent Centrelink debt debacle.

Mr Thompson, 51, who rented out his Hobart home while he fulfilled his dream of sailing across the Pacific, chose to fight the collectors, who claimed he owed $7,000 in land tax.

But many homeowners who choose to comply with so-called robo-debt letters without seeking legal advice could become liable for thousands of dollars of retrospective fees, tax experts say.

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"Inte direkt roligt att vara arbetslös”

Trycket var stort idag onsdag då bland annat stadens två största arbetsgivare Scania och AstraZeneca var representerade. Människor från hela regionen har letat sig till Södertälje för att delta.

En av de som hoppas hitta ett jobb är 25-årige Tobias Eiderfors från Söder i Stockholm.

Han gick ut gymnasiet för sju år sedan och har mest varit arbetslös sedan dess. Hans längsta anställning, som lagerarbetare, varade i fyra månader.

– Sen behövde de mig inte. Så fick man gå tillbaka till att vara ingenting, säger han.

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Decorated Navy SEAL accused of stabbing and beating man to death after fistfight on Santa Monica Pier

A decorated Navy SEAL is accused of beating and stabbing a man to death in Santa Monica over the weekend, police said.

Theo Andrew Krah, 28, allegedly got into a fistfight with another man on the Santa Monica Pier around 4pm Saturday, police said.

An hour later, the other man was found on a nearby street with fatal stab wounds and head trauma.

Police confirmed to Daily Mail Online the victim was Santa Monica resident Kris Anderson, 58.

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NY Daily News

NYPD cop victim of DWI accident 18 years ago dies of complications from crash

A police sergeant has died of complications from an accident that occurred nearly 18 years ago, when a drunken driver crashed into his car.

The 9th Precinct tweeted condolences Saturday night to the family of Sgt. Donald Conniff, saying the cop had died that day of complications from the accident.

A drunken driver blew a red light and hit Conniff, 50, of Staten Island, while the cop was on his way to work the detail for Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s second inauguration on Jan. 2, 1998. Conniff was thrown from the car and suffered head injuries that left him unable to care for himself. Giuliani visited him in Bellevue Hospital.

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19-Year-Old Shot and Killed in South Bronx

A teenager died after being shot in the South Bronx Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Jujuan Carson, 19, was shot in the back near the corner of Washington Ave and East 169th street outside the Hernandez Food Corp. deli at around 1:50 p.m., police said.

Carson was taken to Lincoln Medical Center where he was pronounced dead, fire officials said.

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NYPD Counterterrorism Units Deployed After Paris Terror Attacks

The NYPD dispatched counterterrorism forces to crowded areas around New York City Friday night after a series of coordinated terror attacks in Paris killed dozens.

Densely populated areas in New York City were monitored by units from the Counterterrorism Response Command, Critical Response Group and Hercules Teams, according to the NYPD.

The counterterrorism units were deployed in response to the terror attacks in the French capital, the NYPD wrote in a statement, although it stressed that "there is no known indication that the attack has any nexus to New York City" and that the security measures were taken "out of an abundance of caution."

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'I Just Want an iPhone' Yells Man Wielding Sword in Apple Store

A man whipped out a samurai sword at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store on Friday afternoon, terrifying shoppers, police and witnesses said.

The man, who was wearing a bucket hat and gray jacket, walked into the store at 3:55 p.m. on Friday and unsheathed the sword but did not threaten anyone, police said.

Video posted online by a witness shows the man in the store's spiral staircase, swinging the sword around before coming down to the ground floor.

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Man Hurt After Falling Into Sidewalk Cellar Door in Midtown, FDNY Says

A man was injured after falling into a McDonald's cellar door on the sidewalk near 34th Street Thursday afternoon, according to the FDNY and a witness.

The man fell about 13 feet into the cellar in front of the fast food restaurant at 341 Fifth Ave. a little after 3 p.m., a fire department spokesman and witness said.

Adrienne Rios, 23, was in a nearby car when he saw a crowd looking down into the hatch, which had its door open and a conveyor belt running down to the basement.