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Reporter from Sweden who moved to NYC in 2011, Sydney in 2017. With love for local news stories, hip hop, Latin America, and more. Early riser. Twitter: antonknilsson

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Screen shot 2016 06 18 at 13.32.56 article

As campaign funds run low, Trump requests meeting with billionaire Koch Brothers - only a year after he mocked his Republican rivals as 'puppets' for doing the same

Koch Industry officials have agreed to meet with Donald Trump after a request from the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, as GOP insiders say a diminishing campaign chest may force Trump to ramp up his fundraising efforts.

Charles Koch revealed the planned meeting on Wednesday.

But Koch, a powerful political force who famously uses his deep pockets to fund libertarian and free-market projects, has not entirely warmed to Trump.

In an interview with USA Today, the industrialist said he doesn't 'know the answer' as to whether Trump is fit to be president.

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'I just feel free:' Teenager, 17, confined to a wheelchair as a child captures breathtaking photographs of the ocean

A teenage photographer whose medical condition confined her to a wheelchair as a child says she loves the ocean because it makes her feel completely free.

Shannon Glasson learned to swim before she could walk, and spends as much time as she possibly can in water.

'There's nothing to worry about in the water,' Ms Glasson, 17, told Daily Mail Australia. 'I just feel free.'
Shannon Glasson, 17, is a photographer from the NSW south coast whose favourite subject is ocean waves

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'What are cops going to do, arrest us for standing in the street?': Rogue anti-lockout law protests planned in Kings Cross after Supreme Court shuts down demonstration with 4,500 attendees

Police have shut down a planned protest Saturday night in Sydney's Kings Cross but rogue demonstrators opposed to NSW's lockout laws still vowed to turn up.

The state's Supreme Court sided with police in a decision Friday to curb a public assembly organised by the advocacy group Keep Sydney Open.

'Obviously both Keep Sydney Open and our followers were bitterly disappointed. We felt the judgement was unfair,' the group's campaign director Tyson Koh told Daily Mail Australia.

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Sydney's housing market second most expensive in the world

Incoming NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has made it one of her top priorities to address the state's housing affordability crisis.

That issue is more pressing than ever, as it was revealed on Tuesday that Sydney homes are the second most expensive in the world - topped only by Hong Kong.

'I want to make sure that every average, hard-working person in this state can aspire to own their own home,' Ms Berejiklian told reporters at a press conference before being sworn into the state's top political job on Monday.

Screen shot 2017 01 27 at 18.43.52 article

Could Airbnb landlords be hit with a huge tax bill? Homeowner slugged $7,000 for renting out his home - by controversial robot controlled system

ax experts warn the government is using computer-generated debt collection systems to collect money from Airbnb landlords.

Jeff Thompson is one of the many Australians who have been shocked to receive auto-generated debt notices from tax authorities - caught in a data-crunching government crackdown that tax experts say is marred by the same problems as the recent Centrelink debt debacle.

Mr Thompson, 51, who rented out his Hobart home while he fulfilled his dream of sailing across the Pacific, chose to fight the collectors, who claimed he owed $7,000 in land tax.

But many homeowners who choose to comply with so-called robo-debt letters without seeking legal advice could become liable for thousands of dollars of retrospective fees, tax experts say.

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Decorated Navy SEAL accused of stabbing and beating man to death after fistfight on Santa Monica Pier

A decorated Navy SEAL is accused of beating and stabbing a man to death in Santa Monica over the weekend, police said.

Theo Andrew Krah, 28, allegedly got into a fistfight with another man on the Santa Monica Pier around 4pm Saturday, police said.

An hour later, the other man was found on a nearby street with fatal stab wounds and head trauma.

Police confirmed to Daily Mail Online the victim was Santa Monica resident Kris Anderson, 58.

Screen shot 2015 12 08 at 14.02.56 article

Peace Corps volunteers 'blamed and fired' after reporting sexual assaults

A female Peace Corps volunteer who accused a male American official of sexually assaulting women in Albania claims the government agency fired her.

The accused man, meanwhile, was given the option to resign without facing misconduct charges, said the whistle blower, Bonnie Scott.

These allegations have surfaced after a CBS News investigation revealed that roughly one in five Peace Corps volunteers are sexually assaulted during their service.

Screen shot 2015 12 08 at 14.09.40 article

'It's an injustice': Mother of Kansas teenager shot by police disputes claim her son was armed

The mother of a teenage boy who is in critical condition after being gunned down by police on Friday evening claims her son was unarmed and unjustly shot.

The boy, who has not been named, was shot by Kansas police officers who mistakenly believed he was a suspect in a double homicide.

The teenager's mother, Tiffany Ford, posted a video to Facebook early Sunday morning of her son lying in a hospital bed, unconscious and hooked up to hospital equipment.

Screen shot 2015 12 08 at 14.01.09 article

New Orleans mass shooter turns himself in: Held on $1.7M bond for block party gunfight that wounded 17 people

The man suspected of a mass shooting at a New Orleans block party that injured 17 turned himself in on Saturday and is being held on $1.7 million bond.

The suspected shooter was booked with 17 counts of attempted murder in the November 22 shooting at Bunny Friend Playground in the city's Ninth Ward.

Records show 32-year-old Joseph 'Moe' Allen's bond was set on Sunday in New Orleans Magistrate Court.

Screen shot 2015 12 08 at 13.57.13 article

12-year-old boy was shot dead within ONE SECOND of police arrival

The 12-year-old boy who was shot dead by Cleveland police last year had his hands in his pockets when he was killed and wasn't reaching for the fake gun he was carrying, according to new frame-by-frame analysis of surveillance footage of last November's fatal incident.

An expert hired by the family of slain middle-schooler Tamir Rice to review surveillance video found that the boy was shot within one second of the police officers' arrival.

The two officers were responding to a call about an armed man in a park on the afternoon of November 22, 2014.

Rice was carrying a replica gun capable of firing non-lethal plastic pellets.