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Reporter from Sweden who moved to NYC in 2011, Sydney in 2017. With love for local news stories, hip hop, Latin America, and more. Early riser. Twitter: antonknilsson

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The Greenpoint Gazette

Organizing Brooklyn's Can-Do People

There are those New Yorkers who live paycheck to paycheck. And then there are those who live nickel by nickel—assembling cans and plastic bottles, sorting them, and collecting the $0.05 deposit on each container. It’s hard work for meager pay, but for New York City’s “canners,” it is often the only available income.

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The Greenpoint Gazette

MTA Plan to Reroute Buses Galvanizes Bushwick Neighborhood to Protest

The MTA’s decision to reroute two bus lines through a residential block in Bushwick has given rise to a neighborhood protest movement, determined to preserve the calm on their streets.

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The Greenpoint Gazette

St. Stan's Calls for Safety Improvements Outside School, Church

The traffic situation outside St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy in Greenpoint is a safety hazard, school officials and parents say. But the Department of Transportation (DOT) has been slow to react, and now the St. Stan’s community is rallying the support of local elected officials to make a change.

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The Greenpoint Gazette

Supersized Taste of Bushwick Triples as Eaters Keep Eating

The Taste of Bushwick, an annual food festival hosted by the Bushwick Starr Theater, took place for the second time last week, at the Boar’s Head supply plant on Rock Street in Bushwick. About 30 food and drink establishments served tastings at the event, which better than tripled its attendance from last year, from about 175 attendees to over 600.

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The Greenpoint Gazette

Residence for Adults with Developmental Disabilities Proposed in Bushwick

Residence for Adults with Developmental Disabilities Proposed in Bushwick. Apr 30, 2015 by Anton K. Nilsson. Services for the Underserved (SUS), a nonprofit human services agency, is proposing a residence for six adult individuals with developmental disabilities at 585 Van Buren Street between Bushwick Avenue and Broadway in Bushwick. SUS is currently in negotiations with the current, private owner of the property.

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The Greenpoint Gazette

Record Store Day Has Greenpointers Hunting for Exclusive Vinyl

Captured Tracks, an independent record store and label on Calyer Street, was more packed than usual last Saturday. It was a special occasion for vinyl fans and record stores: Record Store Day, an annual celebration of the record industry, a day when limited and exclusive record releases hit the shelves.

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The Greenpoint Gazette

Lucy's Vietnamese Kitchen to Open in Bushwick

“Right now, New York only knows the bare minimum of what Vietnamese food has to offer,” said Sahra Nguyen, co-owner of the new Bushwick establishment Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen, which opened on March 21.

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The Greenpoint Gazette

Come to Shwick Market for an Easter Block Party

Mar 26, 2015 by Anton K. Nilsson. What business does the Easter bunny have in a dead-end alley in Bushwick? Over Easter weekend, April 4 and 5, Shwick, the ......

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The Greenpoint Gazette

Take a Gastronomic Plunge at This Floating Bar

Feb 18, 2015 by Anton K. Nilsson. If riverside drinking and dining floats your boat, get prepared to take the plunge in Greenpoint – well, almost. Greenpoint's ......

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The Greenpoint Gazette

Lace Up Your Sneakers for the Annual McCarren Park 5k Race

May 08, 2015 by Anton K. Nilsson. On May 30th, it's time for the third annual McCarren 5k, a race organized by St. Nicks Alliance in partnership with the School ......

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The Greenpoint Gazette

North Brooklyn Well Represented at SXSW Film

Mar 26, 2015 by Anton K. Nilsson. A 60-year old woman ends up a local hipster celebrity after moving to Williamsburg. An adman in the same neighborhood ......

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The Greenpoint Gazette

Brooklyn Airspace Lands in Williamsburg

Greenpoint Gazette:Brooklyn Airspace Lands in Willi...